Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

COH - Coach - 5 YR-2 YR-6 MO-1 MO

5 YR - Up from 2.50 to 33.00...
2 YR - In a nice uptrend...
6 MO- Made a double top, been going down and might be in a bottoming process near term...
1 MO- Looks like it could go up a little here, then it can begin its trip back down...

2 YR

1 MO

6 MO

5 YR

COH - Coach - Key Stats From Yahoo Finance

FMT - Fremont Investment- 6 MO 12.27.05

Has really been in a range lately look for a break either up or down..
Looks like the RED is crossing the GREEN on the ADX..
Yield Curve Inverts Today!!!

CBG - 6 MO. Daily 12.27.05

Made a mini double bottom then broke support around 52 before whipsawing to a new high...Low Volume on its way up...

CHK - Chesapeake ENERGY 6 MO - 12.27.05

Flashed a near term sell signal as of FRIDAY..

GGP - 4 MO Daily 12.27.05

Cycle Lines on ADX crossovers tell the story...

$INDU- 4 YR WEEKLY 12.27.05

Placing the vertical "cycle lines" through the ADX cross-over points seem to give "good long/short entry points...

$SPX - 10 YR. MONTHLY 12.27.05

RGR- 3 YR Weekly - 12.27.05

Just got upgraded seems to be bottoming out

Monday, December 26, 2005

Saturday, December 17, 2005

SGTL - Sigmatel 2 YR weekly 12.17.05

This one is down from 45 to 13 in less than a year and makes some good stuff for wireless communications etc..
Like it here with an excellent risk reward...

Saturday, December 10, 2005

GG - Goldcorp 12.10.05

Same story as NEM...Commercials on COT report are taking profits in their GOLD long positions and are preparing for the pull back..Downside reversal and bearish divergences here....

NEM - Newmont Mining 12.10.05

Newmont after it popped over 48 to a high of 51, then reversed closing below where it opened, similar to TOL when it reversed around 51... There has been a discrpeancy with the bullion popping hard recently from 455 to 530 yet the equities of NEM and GG have barely made new highs.. The MACD and ADX both show bearish non-confirmations...

In addition, excellent market technician Frank Barbera, who is on the Financial Sense Newshour, and has been spot on as bullish on the metal now sees an imminent possibly sharp correction.

The public is now beginning to buy hedre at the near term top..I'd be buying Jan 20 Puts on GG and Jan 50's on NEM

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

SYMC - 2 YR Weekly 12.06.05

Seems to have held support around the mid 17 level...
At the bottom of a range...Finally a Bottom???

Monday, December 05, 2005

Swiss Franc - 12.06.05

After the recent dollar strength and the foreseen decline coming up in 06'....
The Swiss Franc seems to have bottomed out near term and looks good longer term...

CBG - 6 MO. Daily 12.05.05

Down with the Mortgage Companies...This is a good company...But needs to take a hit...

Down from a high of 11ish.. Could be bottoming near term...

Hasn't really slid much since failing to breakout to the upside as it rallied with the market... DOWN?

Down two points today 51 ish in sight?