Saturday, June 21, 2008


Con Ed

ED, increased steadily from its May 2004 low, around $32 a share, while staying in a nice Uptrend that held support a number of times at the BLUE uptrend support line... Made a clear year-long DOUBLE TOP around $49 a share throughout 2007 and then proceeded to crash through uptrend support... Rebounded off that down move only yo be rebuffed by the SINGER MOVING AVERAGE BAND which provided staunch resistance...Needs to hold the $39 level...

National Grid

NGG in contrast with ED has essentially been in a steady uptrend since 2004. It acquired Northeast Utility giant Keyspan in 2007 and has held up relatively well, although the stock is in danger of breaking through the BLUE uptrend support, as its upside has been trapped by a down sloping resistance line thous forming a triangle pattern.


PNR is a water company, so not technically a utility company but worth a look... This company has been trading in a wide range between $24 and $44 a share. Each time it has reached the far end of a range it fails to break out and retreats in the other direction... Recently failed around $39 at the top end of the range and looks poised to travel back to the BLUE DASHED MIDLINE at the very least...

CDE - Coeur D'Alene

CDE has traced out a long consolidation range between $7.50 and $3.00 over the past few years - after a big move up... Looks to have broken through the bottom of the range as identified by the Circle on the chart under the Green Support Line... this is either really bad news to Longs or it could represent a false breakdown and the beginning of a new move higher only time will tell....

WTR - Aqua America


WTR has made an absolutely gigantic move up in the past number of years as is evidenced on this MONTHLY chart. That being said, it's two year corrective phase is not so surprising although it has been significant on a percentage basis... Has recently reached BLUE trend line support and appears to be sufficiently oversold to get a rally going... These WATER stock should be great long term investments...


WTR has been stuck in a tight descending flag formation, is running into good support level, so I would look for it to start moving sideways here, before recovering...

$TNX - 10 Year Yield and TLT

$TNX - 10 Yr Yield

TLT - Long Term Bond ETF