Sunday, September 18, 2005


Alright playas, well that was some week...

GOLD certainly began the breakout as it climbed to the high 450's. Much respect to Frank Barbera and the guys @ Financial Sense Online who called "da bottom" in mid May.

The mainstream financial media has finally woken up. Suprise, we haven't talked about Gold
but wait, whats this, its at an 18 year high all of a sudden. Are they ever anything but behind the curve???

Oh yeah , there is no inflation..NOT!!!!If your breathing you know "everything" is getting more expensive... ENERGY was up only 8.5% last MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello?!?!

I only made one trade as I caught NEM Newmont Mining from 42.40 to 45.60, an incredible three day move.

The trading was wildly active on Friday, with multiple options expirations taking place.

The award for most breathtaking move on Friday was the 290% move to the upside for the TOL Sept 47.50 Put.. I love the quick in and out possibilities in that kind of scenario...Interesting future ahead...

The bond yields have headed higher now, Gold is popping hard, the thesis for the next month or so is rates continue to rise, consumer gets pinched harder, asset prices decline...

As an aside with everyone clamoring about how ridiculously high the price appreciation of real estate has been over the past three years, a number of equities, which seem to be no brainers have posted gigantic returns...

I will put together a list of some of the best performing stocks and their outrageous returns..

General Asset Price Bubble Seems to Be The Operative Phrase...I Repeat The "Sponge" Has Become Saturated With Liquidity..

Lets see if the Markets continue lower here? That's my guess...

Shorts Anyone??


Holla Back @ Me


PS Check out Financial Sense Newshour this Weekend and every Weekend...I never miss it!!!!

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