Monday, February 11, 2008

MSFT - Microsoft


MSFT, is down horribly from it's relatively large pop in early November when they blew out the quarter...They are trading back down at the low end of the range on the DAILY chart as indicated by the Green Support Line...Judging solely by the distance below the SINGER EMA Band, MSFT looks like it should be due for a near term rebound to the area around the dashed mid-line/ Blue Trend-line which is now Support turned Resistance. It's unclear however, how the proposed bid for Yahoo! will turn out, and the effect that will have on the share price...


MSFT, fell off badly since completing a big run from the low $20's to the upper $30's level... Retraced back to the Dashed Mid-Line which looks like a Resistance turned Support level. Big increase in Volume here as price crashed through Blue Trend-line Support, so It looks as if we could get a near term bounce back here...


MSFT ran up huge into the Tech Bubble Crash and spent the better part of the next years moving sideways continuously finding Support around the $17.50 level. The SINGER EMA Band began tilting upward as price recovered above the band and moved swiftly to the high $30's recently. However, given the market turmoil as of 2008 and the proposed bid for Yahoo!, we have seen a disappointing pull back to the high $20's. The price is still supported by an upward moving EMA band but we need a move back up soon to save this one long term...

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