Thursday, March 06, 2008

Metals Miscellany


$GOLD, (Spot Gold) broke out of a lengthy SYMMETRICAL TRIANGLE CONSOLIDATION, and has since moved up $250, touching the $1000 level but failing to eclipse that round number. It wouldn't surprise me to see an short-intermediate term pullback maybe even back to the breakout levels around $775. However, in a ripping uptrend on a long term basis.


$SILVER, (Spot Silver) made the massive move up from the $4 range until it finally broke out over the $15.20 level. After eclipsing that mark it has since moved up to a high of around $21. Similar scenario to $GOLD; I can see it really pulling back to shake out the "weak longs" only to move much higher in the Long Term.


$INDU:$PLAT, (Dow/ Spot Platinum Ratio) is probably the craziest chart ever. This ratio has dropped from the 30's all the way to 5 in the past decade. Recently, $PLAT (Platinum) has spiked and this ratio had literally plummeted as the major indices are pulling back as well. Finally we had a big pullback in Platinum on Friday.

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