Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Revisiting August 3, 2009 - S&P 500

Just in case this wasn't a joke - someone commented that I am a perma-bear... So I am reposting this August 3, 2009 chart which shows what my upside target has been since that time... Also, FYI, see the post below, I think tht DOW 11,750 is where you want to start actually initiating shorts -- till then...


  1. Anonymous1:05 PM

    im the first time I write here.

    I see no problem with permabears of permabulls.

    but, what statistic evidence do u have of all the chart patterns u publish here?


  2. there is no statistic evidence... its not science...its art...

  3. Anonymous6:28 AM

    Dont misunderstand me. I use charts, lines, support, trends and all these things and I like to see your charts.

    But if there is not science behind that, a demonstrated mathematical advantage then the art value is 0.


    just my opinion

  4. I respect your opinion and will continue to use what appeals to and works for me...